Latin for "Blood of Jove"

Sangiovese is the primary Tuscan native variety, which gives us important and elegant wines like Chianti Classico and the long-aged famous Brunello.

Sangiovese is able to adapt to different territories keeping however its own characteristics. The name Sangiovese comes from Latin and means “Blood of Jove”, and like earth blood, it flows all over the Tuscany.


CHIANTI COLLI SENESI – Sangiovese from the beautiful Chianti hills, daily and fruity

SUPERTUSCAN SANGIOVESE – Orcia Valley Sangiovese, southern of Siena. Pure minerality!

NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANO – A ruby pearl of Sangiovese from a suggestive castle 

BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO - The best Sangiovese intended to be aged for years!


Lesson topics:

1) From grape to wines... different winemaking!
2) Local and international varieties: the concept of Terroir
3) Sangiovese variety: A Tuscan treasure destinated to the future
4) Chianti Colli Senesi: The origin of a myth
5) Supertuscan Sangiovese: Rare beautiful jewels
6) Nobile di Montepulciano & Brunello di Montalcino: Black pearls of Sangiovese profile
7) Additional Education program:
How to taste wine in 3 steps: Reading the story of a glass
• Color & Aromas. The perfumes of wines and evolution
• Dry or Smooth? Balance, Structure, Persistency

The Wine Experience price includes:
 Tasting of four high-quality and non-industrial wines from selected wineries
 Power Point Presentation to follow the concepts during the course
 Possibility to have additional material by email
 Exclusive educational placement by Emporio Med Education Project

Additional information:
Location: Emporio Mediterraneo Educational Room
Number: 2-12 people

Price: 30 € Education Materials included

Class duration: 45-60 minutes
Reservation required in the day
Payment available by card


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