A wine trip.....

Italy is absolutely the most charming wine territory in the world. It is rich of historically high-quality denominations of varieties of native grapes. The diversity of soils and climate create the condition to produce Italian varieties and to create unique wines. From north to south of the peninsula it’ is possible to meet fresh white wines or engaging bubbles to famous reds like Barolo in Piedmont or Brunello in Tuscany. The wine trip can jump to fruity rosé to come back to the Chianti, as the cradle of the high-quality wines in the story.


PROSECCO – The most popular Italian Sparkling Wine in the world by Veneto region

SICILIA GRILLO – Fruity and mineral, an excellent white wine from the sunny Sicily 

 CHIANTI CLASSICO OR SUPERTUSCAN – The original top Tuscan wine

BAROLO – Made out of Nebbiolo grape from the Langhe area, one of the most appreciated wine


Lesson topics:

1) From grapes to wine… different winemaking!
2) Local and international varieties: the concept of Terroir
3) Sparkling Wine: Champagne Vs Prosecco
4) How to appreciate a white wine. All the best Italian white pearls
5) Chianti & Supertuscan: A trip to discover a territory and its best wines
6) The Barolo: elegance and longevity
7) Additional Education program:
How to taste wine in 3 steps: Reading the story of a glass
• Color & Aromas. The perfumes of wines and evolution process
• Dry or Smooth? Balance, Structure, Persistency

The Wine Experience price includes:
 Tasting of four high-quality and non-industrial wines from selected wineries
 Power Point Presentation to follow the concepts during the course
 Possibility to have additional material by email
 Exclusive educational placement by Emporio Med Education Project

Additional information:
Location: Emporio Mediterraneo Educational Room
Number: 2-12 people

Price: 24 € Education Materials included

Class duration: 45-60 minutes
Reservation required in the day
Payment available by card


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