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A few pounds of bulbs that our great-grandparents grew in their gardens and were kept / handed down for generations, we started our production. All packages, in addition to containing the purest saffron produced in the Val d'Orcia Park, have enriched a small small book with our stories and some typical recipes. Ideal for haute cuisine because in the drying process is not contaminated with resins or fumes.

On sale saffron is powdered or in whole stigmas.

Buying stigmas you have the security of purchasing pure saffron and this is our choice. “Pura Crocus” saffron is put on the market in stigmas.

The external packaging guarantees protection from light, an additional guarantee of quality and integrity that we wanted decided to let the taste and smell of our saffron come to you perfectly intact, as we ourselves are used to.

Before using, the stigmas are soaked in warm water or other liquid. To have the best result from our saffron pistils, they can be used in two ways:

a) Put the pistils in hot water or other liquid for over an hour so that the color and aroma are released. Both the liquid and the stigmas may be used to prepare your recipe.

b) Place the pistils to use on a piece of parchment paper and chop until they turn into dust. Pour the powder into the dish during the last few minutes of cooking, thanks to this process the flavors will be intensified.

Packages available:

0,10 gr case.

0.30 gr chest.  

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