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With these words - also understood as synonyms - is handed down, rather it whispers in our family for generations, an ancient recipe. It seems that the origin dates back to the sixteenth century when about six hundred families of Sienese exiles, after a long siege by Spanish-Medici moved to Montalcino. In this town, known worldwide today primarily for its wine and precisely in his Fortress remained alive the Republic of Siena (1555-1559). In those terrible years of siege and famine, until peace was signed at Cateau Cambrésis between Spain and France, which marked the end of the Republic of Siena and the last bulwark of republican liberty in Italy, a sort of secret legend attributes the birth of this recipe. The major constraints, lack of food, the enormous efforts due to wartime resistance were alleviated (slightly or miraculously) from a compound made from honey and zafferano.Abbiamo tried historical sources of this recipe but the result was negative although it is documented the cultivation of saffron in the surrounding lands the homeland of Brunello in that historical period. Sure is that our grandparents and grandparents of our grandparents, after exhausting days of work, used to refresh themselves with what the Good Housekeeping could not find in the cupboard and the farm - always short enough - loved to finish the meal with the red smeared honey over a slice of cheese (in the most fortunate periods) or of bread in the vast majority of cases. My grandfather also called Symphony or Elixir "Come give me a couple of tablespoons of Symphony that today I 'know' never stopped and the night is long ...". On winter evenings near the chimney of the farm, there was always someone who told with a certain dose of mischief and also not too veiled allusions that the evening before each conception of all the children, male and female, the family for generations, at least one spouse if the two of them were fed this food.
This recipe will not find written in ancient texts or in some remote corner of the library or archive, you'll have to trust the culinary know raccontataci, handed down for centuries and our memory because we too will be faithful to the tradition and its rules! With passion, simplicity, modesty and enthusiasm we try to bring to your table a symphony of scents and property that arises in the heart of Val d'Orcia from an ancient and secret recipe ... Nouvelle Cuisine ....


Above a selection of cheeses Spread on a slice of bread (though indescribable spread it before it mixes with fresh butter) Over the cooked fruit

Over a biscuit or a sweet dessert

Desserts with fruit

With natural yogurt and fruit salad

... And 100 other ways

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