The Tortonese, located in south-eastern Piedmont, in the past was mainly remembered
 for wines from red grape varieties, but thanks in particular to the visionary genius of Walter Massa,
 this area has also rediscovered as a land of white. The union between this producer and the timorasso
 vine, then, for years is now immediate: at Walter Massa we must in fact the rebirth of this ancient native
 variety, which was interpreted following a new production philosophy, to the point that Walter Massa himself
 the name of "Father of Timorasso" is generally recognized. Thanks to his teachings,
 the whole denomination benefited from it, also witnessing the birth of new productive realities,
 which in the wake of the master today give prestige and prestige to the whole area of the
 Tortona Hills. The story of this winemaker and his intuition start from afar, and date back to the early 80s.
 In 1987, there was the first production, and starting from 2000 Walter Massa
 began to bottle the different crus separately. In fact, the Massa family boasts a winemaking
 tradition that dates back to 1879, so the "Vigneti Massa" winery is founded on solid foundations,
 which were built on ancient knowledge and profound practical knowledge. Currently, the vineyard
 hectares on which the winery can count are about twenty-seven, and among the rows besides the
 timorasso are also grown plants of barbera, freisa, croatina and muscat. The scenario is that of Monleale,
 in the province of Alessandria: it is here where they are arranged as if they were a natural amphitheater
 close to the town square, there are the vineyards owned by the company, from which all the labels of
 the winery come to life. From the "Costa del Vento" to the "Montecitorio", from the "Derthona"
 to the "Monleale", passing through the red wines, are all bottles, those fruit of the genius mind
 of Walter Massa, born from the deepest appreciation of what is the the nature of a territory that,
 without the same Walter Massa, would otherwise have been little known and abandoned to its fate.