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On a gently low sloping hill in the south of Lake Garda lies the vineyard. On clear days from the highest point in vineyard you can admire the reflection of the sun on the surface of the lake. We are in an area that has always suited to the cultivation of red grapes and especially white grapes.

The road driving to the winery crosses the vineyards of Cortese, Garganega and Corvina passing in front of a votive church built in 1947 to give thanks to the Virgin Mary for saving the living family from the bombing of Second World War. In fact, in the surrounding areas were found numerous war relics. Here born POGGIO delle GRAZIE.

The vineyards are primarily located in Castelnuovo del Garda, but also in Sommacampagna in a historically important property. It is said that, in "Villa Boccolina", already known as Ceolara, Napoleon III, stayed at the signing of the armistice of Villafranca. Here we produce our Pinot Grigio Blush "Villa Boccolina".

The logo is the result of a study by many hands and minds , starting from the window placed on the church facade , similar to the Arche Scaligere found in the center of Verona. A tribute, therefore, also to the city and to the Lordship that for so many years ruled. Inside it is placed a stylized heart to remember the ex-voto placed in the chapel.

The winery was founded in 2014 on the joint dream of two brothers, Stefano and Massimo who were already producing grapes, but giving them to other manufacturers. The love for the land, the desire to improve their product, the willingness to invest in something innovative prompted them, after years of research , personnel training, and the meeting with the young winemaker Damiano, to do the plunge. The harmony of thought with Damiano, the common desire to experiment and the will to diversify the market supply has led them in a few months to realize their dream.

Stefano and Massimo follow personally and indiscriminately all processing steps: from the vineyard to the finished product, till the marketing too.

The vineyards consists of systems Guyot involving the mechanization of harvesting, but the certainty that the hand-harvested grapes give a better product, takes them annually to renew the choice of manual harvesting.

The winery was in the "Love'it - Real Italian Food" project that allowed the active participation of many manufacturers to Expo Milano 2015.

The wine-shop is situated closed to the winery: you can taste and buy wines. We also organize guided tastings with the possibility of expanding the offer to all those persons who like to know more of the world of wine.