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In Verla di Giovo, the cellar of Opera is the result of an architectural project for the recovery and expansion of the Napoleone Rossi cellar, the oldest in Val di Cembra, founded in the 1800s and closed in recent years.
After several years of research and construction of the project, the Vitivinicola Opera in Valdicembra was formally formed in 2007 by Alfio Garzetti and Bruno Zanotelli, who both share the passion for wine and the desire to enhance their native territory or Val di Cembra.
Alfio Garzetti, in addition to being one of the founding members, manages the winery firsthand, assisted by the oenologists Paul Tiefenthaler and Mattia Clementi.
The brand is inspired by the different meanings of the term "opera" in Latin: work, activity, work, collaboration; It also represents the ideal grape juice: the cult for the selection of the best grapes of the Val di Cembra.
In a region such as Trentino already established for the quality of grapes and bases for the Classical Method, Val di Cembra is known and recognized for its vocation to the production of sparkling wine. In this valley, the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines have found a particular climatic and pedological adaptability over time: the orographic slope on the right of the Avisio stream enjoys a natural high light and exposure to the east / southeast; Thermal excursions, especially in the autumn season, allowing for an optimal ripening of the grapes as well.
Reconstruction and extension has pursued a twofold objective: on the one hand, the redevelopment of the offer, with particular regard to the tourism promotion of the valley, on the other hand the creation of spaces and state-of-the-art vinification facilities, architectural of the original nucleus