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It is said that once, where it now dominates the fortress of Montepulciano, there was a temple dedicated to the roman god Mercury; this historic landmark by the same name as the hill of “Mons Mercurius”, the same one that now has been christened this Company. Its brand is inspired by the greek-roman mythology and in particular its Mercury, god from the winged sandals, which quickly arranged to deliver messages between the inhabitants of Olympus. How this legendary character, so the wine was born from the Montemercurio able to transfer into a glass the flavors and smells more authentic and characteristic of the lands around Montepulciano.

The same residence of the vinery is situated in “Totona”, probably derivated from the ancient goddess Latona, mother of Apollo and Diana. Montepulciano (605 mt. a.s.l.) has about 14 thousands inhabitants and it extends for 165 Kmq; archeological digs show the presence of Etruscans since IIIrd century b.C. (a legend tells that in this land it was a residence of King Porsenna) then to fall under ancient Rome. The city center is known as “Mons Politianus” only since 715. Montepulciano was centre of a war between Florence and Siena in 1232 to rule above Valdichiana and Valdorcia. For XVth century Montepulciano was under the influence of Florence in politic laws and architectural monuments.

The land of production of “Vino Nobile di Montepulciano” is situated in a very propicious position, in the hills above Valdichiana and Valdorcia. These lands are between 250 and 580 meters above sea level and they present excellent climatic and geological properties for the production of this particular wine. Since late Middle Ages the traiding business and the export of wine were the pillars of local economy, like the proof of a travel of an english delegation to buy “Moscadello di Montalcino” and “Vino Nobile di Montepulciano” for Royal Court in 1669.

Thanks to Italian and European contribuitons, the DOC appellation (1966) and DOCG appellation (1980) wrote a new era of Vino Nobile, and they upgrated the territory making a strong tie between land and glorious past. The same “Bravìo delle Botti” is the main folk-sport event of the city between the ancients quarters of suburb, and it is celebrated every year on the last Sunday of August, dedicated to “Vino Nobile di Montepulciano”.