Leaving Montalcino in the direction of Torrenieri, starting from the intersection after the gas station,
 you reach the farm Il Colle. The entrance road is the same as the Costanti company,
 but the gate is the first on the left. Caterina Giannelli Carli and her sister Luisa share the
 tasks of conducting the wine business, one is dedicated entirely to work in the vineyard and
in the cellar and the other is in charge of public relations and marketing. The company was
 founded in 1972, when the notary Sienese Alberto Carli buys from Mr. Galassi the manor house
of the farm that served the nearby convent of the Osservanza with annexed 11 hectares of land in the
 locality "Il Colle al Marchese" (hence the name of the company).
Caterina CarliThe family immediately gets to work and plants the vineyards and the
olive grove and restores the medieval construction, allocating the ground floor to the
 cellar and the upper floors to a private residence.
The first vintage of Brunello di Montalicino dates back to 1978.
 Twenty years later, the Carli family acquires other land under the castle of "La Velona" in
 Podernuovo dei Campi, near Castenuovo dell'Abate, reaching a total of seven hectares of vineyards .
The choice of planting vines in these lands was targeted, in fact the vineyards behind
 the company provide elegance and subtlety of perfumes, while those in Podernuovo give greater
body and structure. The winemaker, or rather the "master taster" has always been the legendary
Giulio "Bicchierino" Gambelli, infallible nose (already, he has an extraordinary nose but he is a teetotaler ...)
 and inimitable sangiovese expert. Caterina took over in 2001 and has always followed
Giulio's indications with total confidence. And it is he who until now has considered that
 there were not yet the conditions to produce a reserve of Brunello.
 For Giulio, the reserve must be completely detached, must come from an exceptional year,
 must have a character all its own and easily distinguishable from the standard version.
 And according to him, that vintage has not yet arrived ... Here we work in the most natural way possible,
 the production of grapes is 40/50 quintals per hectare, in the cellar the wine ferments spontaneously
 with natural yeasts. The wines produced, of course,
 are two: Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino.
 The story of the company emblem is curious, a crescent with a greyhound snout at one end and
a kind of scaled tail in the receding part of the curvature.
It was a metallic object that Alberto Carli found in the midst of his own land
more than twenty years ago, and which he had analyzed by many expert antique dealers to try to
 discover its origins, but had only approximate opinions. So, given that curiously
 represented just a "c", or the initial family surname, he decided to use it as a symbol of his company.