Since 1972 the estate has been owned by renowned entrepreneur Angelo Jacorossi, renowned entrepreneurs. Talosa was one of the first wineries in Montepulciano to undertake the quest for fine quality which brought the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano appellation to the heights of Tuscan and Italian winemaking.

Surely it could not be otherwise for a family committed on a personal level to running the winery, surrounded by thoroughly competent assistants to ensure that all productive areas are supervised with the utmost professionalism.

32 ha of vineyards in one of the most beautiful areas of Montepulciano at an altitude of 350-400 m a.s.l. cultivated with scrupulous care so that the quality of the grapes guarantees that the wines will be worthy of the winery name.

The fermenting area is close to the vineyards so that the harvesting and processing procedures can be carried out as rapidly and efficiently as possible. The offices and cellars devoted to ageing in small barrels and bottles are detached from the fermentation cellar in an area nearer the main roads.

The main barrel-ageing cellar is in the old town centre of Montepulciano, in an underground area between two of the oldest buildings in the city: Palazzo Tarugi and Palazzo Sinatti.