The hills of Candia, between Massa and Carrara, are renowned for their viticulture since antiquity Between the sea-Versilia you are located in the immediate vicinanze- and fantastic Apuan Alps of the Marble Cave, can rely on the resources of an extraordinary microclimaFondato of pleasantly windy summers and very mild winters. The vine, therefore, thrives with obvious quality advantages. It becomes the absolute protagonist of the landscape, which marks with glimpses of fascinating suggestione.Terrazze and steep demonstrate the effective presence of the man in an intelligent symbiosis with the environment, a harmony that does not give space to the absurd of food rhythms of moderni.Hanno times substantial value, here, customs and family ties, firmly tied to the territorio.Non their teachings at all the race of Cima working on farms and produces viniEccellenti four generations continuing a fantastic adventure started nell'800.Si is a continuous activity along the way that helped to create a wealth of invaluable experience portata.Certi requirements have enabled Top - John and his son Aurelio, who is responsible for the task of leading the company in the intriguing journey into the third millennium, to make a prodigious leap forward projected into a future that promises to soddisfazioni.Sensibilità prodigy and intuition, in fact, have made it clear that the enormous potential of the area had to be exploited adequately, thanks to the valuable suggestions of qualified technicians both in the vineyards and in the cellar .so was born in 1997 in collaboration with the Gruppo Matura, then we have collaborated with Dr. Donato Lanati and this year began working with the oenologist Marinka Polencic.Il significance of the choice, which combined science, local microclimate and entrepreneurial wisdom, has been welcomed not only by the international market, by the critics. The Candia is finally released from the myth to constitute a highly significant extent, capable of giving rise to wines, both red and white, of great personality. The commitment and the important results achieved seem to open up prospects for increasing prestige.