Castel di Pugna, a winery which is property of Conte Luigi Alberto Fumi Cambi Gado, is located only three kilometres from the historical centre of Siena.

A wide tree-lined cypresses avenue leads to the castle, which is surrounded by a historical park and an Italian garden. It’s placed on a hill of a valley between the Arbia river and the city of Siena.

The location where Castel di Pugna is located has very ancient origins and was mentioned for the first in 1189 inside a papal bill sent from Clemente III to Bono, bishop of Siena. There was written that he gave him the rights of Castel di Pugna, which successively was put on fire and semi-destroyed by guelfs in 1259, just before the battle of Monteaperti.

The castle boasts a long winemaking tradition that accompanies the story of the Fumi Cambi Gado’s family, which is the owner of Castel di Pugna also engaged in the production of high quality wines since decades.

Conte Carlo Alberto Fumi Cambi Gado, founder and excellent viticulturist of patrizio-orvietana noble origins, moved to the estate in Siena and, with a non-common passion, selected the best of every single vintage, producing a very high valuable wine.