indi Sergardi is a farm which has stayed in the same family since the 1349 and has been passed from one generation to the next in natural succession. It has undergone all the phases of good agricultural practice in use over the centuries and has now had to accept its transformation into a family company, justified and made necessary by the dimensions of a property which comprises over a thousand hectares.
The lay of the land does not consent extensive cultivations in this day and age, but imposes a search for niche products of high quality, vocation and imagination. A natural consequence of this is that the members of the  


family who today run the farm (represented by two generations: Nicolò Casini and his daughter Alessandra) have emphasized two main sectors, namely fine wine and traditional crops in rotation, with a side line of olive oil from our hills in Chianti.
The XXI century has also imposed a search for a greater profit in selling our products and the most logical answer was to create a commercial activity to distribute the farm’s production. Thus the brand Bindi Sergardi was born, a name from the maternal side of our family.  Bindi Sergardi shall assume the responsibility and possibly the honors emerging  from the direct marketing of the goods  we have learned to produce in long years of hard work.







modern estate must foresee the future. It will also have to live in its present and benefit from the technology available, staying within legal, moral and economic boundaries. Respect of its staff shall be accompanied by respect of nature: neither is an independent variable and, as for quality, both are available only in limited quantity.

From Heraclitus, more than 2500 years ago, we learn that everything changes and thus we must advance and address the future which continuously becomes present.

This attitude is all the more necessary for an estate of a certain consistency aiming for constant growth. Therefore, the owners commit to research by ‘provando e riprovando’ (try and try again) using Galileo’s motto , confident that this approach will not be a road to perdition.






angiovese, “blood of Jove” in Latin, is a friend, a companion, a mate and a relative of all Tuscan winemakers. It has always existed, nobody knows when it started growing.


We can cite that Giovanni Vittorio Soderini in 1590 describes it while discussing viticulture. But it is only a slightly useful noting because in the case of a brother, a father, a son you do not need to know the date of birth, and we love him even when he misbehaves.
Sangiovese is joyful, it is wise, it darkens in the sun, but plumps out with rain, it loves the heat but coolness revives it. It has no odor, but as soon as it arrives at the cellar it fills it with its bouquet. While fermenting, it donates its sugars to an alcohol full of flavor, not too much, not too little, just enough to make a man or a woman who appreciate it happy. In winter time, it hides within the grapevine, but when spring comes it will reappear triumphantly with a pure white blossoming, evocative and joyous.
Above all, it is a presence and a continuous incentive, which is pungent, gentle and stable for all of us who share with Sangiovese the wonderful succession of seasons, of life of the plants and of the fruit they offer us.
We must respect and take care of our friend, companion, mate and relative; we will be generously rewarded.